Automate Inbound and Outbound Multi-Carrier Shipping

Piyovi’s global multi-carrier shipping platform empowers businesses to rate accurately, automate shipping, print compliant labels and shipping documentation, track end-to-end until POD.

Here’s how Piyovi can make shipping seamless

Cloud Solution

No hassle of setting up infrastructure. Start shipping with existing user PCs/workstations

Carrier Connectivity

Built-in carrier integrations for compliant shipping

ERP Connectivity

Experienced team in connecting with all major ERPs/WMS/TMS/e-commerce systems

Customer Service​

Easily provide shipping options with rates/delivery times & access to real-time tracking information/ exceptions/POD​

Future Ready Platform​​

You enjoy uninterrupted shipping while we maintain the up-to-date integrations with carriers​


24X7 availability

Ultimate Experience

All the major features you ever wanted are on a single platform

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Work with Us

Collaboration is key to growth, progress and success

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We provide seamless solutions to Small, Medium and Large Businesses. Whatever you ship, we can help.


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