Simplify your shipping process with Inbound and Outbound Multi-Carrier Shipping Software

Rate Shopping

Automatically select optimal carrier and service level based on rates, time-in-transit, and your routing guide

Shipping Automation

Pack & Ship in one-click to get shipment rate, tracking number(s), carrier label(s), and other documentation

Address Validation

Automatic address correction with residential/commercial classification to avoid shipment penalties and delays..

AESDirect/ACE Filing​

File your exports and imports electronically avoiding manual entries & costly broker fees while improving accuracy


Get end-to-end visibility of your shipments including all milestones, exceptions, and POD with signature

Invoice Auditing

Electronically receive freight invoices with our audit reports to identify inaccurate billing and measure carrier performance.

Multi-Carrier Cloud Shipping Platform
Designed for all ERP Users

specifically crafted to seamlessly integrate with your existing systems and technologies,
streamlining your parcel shipping process


Enable Infor(M3, CSD, CSI, LN) users to automate their outbound and inbound shipping process and expand carrier connection portfolio.


By integrating seamlessly with Sage X3, our solution simplifies your workflows and drives cost reductions at every stage of the shipping process.


Maximize your Acumatica ERP investment by adding complete parcel and freight shipping capabilities.


As an extension to SAP (SAP ECC, Business One, SAP By Design, S4Hana) improve supply chain visibility.


Automate advanced shipping management functionalities for Oracle (Oracle Cloud, NetSuite)


All Microsoft (D365, AX, GP), user now can manage all of their shipping processes in the cloud.


Epicor integration Optimizes every aspect of your shipping processes, enhancing efficiencies and accelerating your business growth.

Distribution One

Get more out of your Distribution One ERP with our cloud shipping software and enhance customer satisfaction and reduce transportation costs.


Being an IFS user, Integration with IFS can help you manage every part of your shipping process and expand multi carrier portfolio.

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