Microsoft D365 F&O Shipper's integration benefits with Multi-Carrier TMS

Amplify Business Rule Automation & Configuration:  Leverage robust configuration tools to uphold your unique business rules, encompassing third-party billing, blind shipping, customer-specific shipping scenarios, and more.

Rate Optimization Across Multiple Origins:  Automatically identify the most cost-efficient transit method among all carriers, originating from various shipping points such as stores and distribution centers, ensuring steadfast carrier compliance.

Accelerate Shipping Velocity & Delivery Precision:  Advanced Date Shopping optimizes carrier conditions, facilitating on-time deliveries even for last-minute shoppers.

Seamless Integration Solutions:  Choose between complete Dynamics 365 User Interface integration or external integration options for a seamless experience

  • Streamlined shipping process
  • Increased carrier options
  • Real-time tracking and visibility
save time cost

Elevate Shipping Agility and Effectiveness, All While Reducing Expenditure

The integration Empower Companies with Unparalleled Delivery Flexibility: PIYOVI revolutionizes package handling, encompassing shipping, tendering, and label management across major and regional carriers. Embrace an era of elevated shipping flexibility and efficiency, seamlessly intertwined with cost reduction through strategic rate optimization, versatile label generation, impeccable shipping compliance, and vigilant proactive maintenance. 

Multi-Carrier Cloud Shipping Software for Microsoft-Powered Organizations

Rate Shopping

Automatically select optimal carrier and service level based on rates, time-in-transit, and your routing guide

Shipping Automation

Pack & Ship in one-click to get shipment rate, tracking number(s), carrier label(s), and other documentation

Address Validation

Automatic address correction with residential/commercial classification to avoid shipment penalties and delays

AESDirect/ACE Filing​

File your exports and imports electronically avoiding manual entries & costly broker fees while improving accuracy


Get end-to-end visibility of your shipments including all milestones, exceptions, and POD with signature

Invoice Auditing

Electronically receive freight invoices with our audit reports to identify inaccurate billing and measure carrier performance

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