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Greater growth and progress is achieved only with partnerships. It requires working collaboratively with value-aligned partners to solve business problems generating the kind of energy that fuels growth, innovation, and creativity.

Piyovi Partners
Software Partners

Leading ERP/WMS/CRM and e-Commerce software providers generally have a gap in transportation functionality like order/shipment rating, carrier compliant shipping and label generation, address validation, tracking with POD, etc. With our solutions directly integrating into your software, we can provide an end-to-end solution to your customers that is fully integrated and highly automated with your software being the system of record. We believe in empowering the customer in maximizing the investment made in your software.

System Integration Partners

Business process knowledge of system integrators and professional services companies is unmatched. We leverage your knowledge and provide our software as a core part of your offering for a win-win partnership. We believe that our software and your services are perfectly complementary enabling a powerful offering of comprehensive solutions and services to businesses across the globe in all verticals.

Carrier Network Partners

We integrate at no cost with any logistics service providers. We are flexible and we use your standards & preferred integration methods. Once integrated, we can enable our customers to easily process shipments choosing you as a carrier. No longer is the technology or software a customer is using a barrier for you to win their business. Together we can provide seamless software with integration to your systems that enable customers to rate, ship, and track.

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