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Importance of BOL in a LTL Shipment

In LTL shipping the BOL plays an important role in the process. The BOL for LTL shipping will include details about each of the individual shipments that are consolidated into the larger LTL shipment. The BOL will also include information

Dangerous Goods - Piyovi

Does your TMS solution ensure Dangerous Goods compliance and shipping automation?

Ensure 100% compliance with all your hazardous materials / dangerous goods shipments and print the appropriate documentation.

address validation FedEx vs UPS

Are incorrect addresses causing costly address correction fees & delayed deliveries?

Incorrect addresses cause costly address correction fees, delayed deliveries, and customer dissatisfaction. Address validation can save money and improve customer satisfaction.

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restricted party screening - piyovi

Are you fully compliant with restricted/denied party screening?

Restricted party screening (also known as denied party screening) is a process used to ensure compliance with laws and regulations that prohibit or restrict certain individuals or entities from participating in business transactions. It involves checking the names of individuals,

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Which TMS / Shipping Software is right for you?

Tips to choose the right TMS / Shipping Software for your company.

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