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Easy Migration

Your transition should be seamless. Migrate in weeks and avoid stress.

Miss Nothing

Enjoy all the features you loved in Kuebix and much more.

Get Much More

Parcel, International, Paperless CI, AESDirect filing, Hazmat, and more.

ERP/WMS Integration

Pull orders/deliveries & update tracking number, freight cost, POD automatically

Pre-shipping Modules

Streamlining pre-shipping processes to enable smooth shipping & compliance

Address Validation​
  • Normalize address
  • Catch any address errors
  • Identify residential addresses
  • Never miss specifics like suite #, apt #, etc.
  • Eliminate late deliveries
  • Avoid costly penalties
  • World class customer service
Denied Party Screening
  • Real-time check with the denied party list(s) of your choice
  • If any address changes during order entry or shipment execution, automatic re-checking
  • Ability to easily add custom rules to create shipments blocks (overdue payments, sudden government restrictions, etc.)
AESDirect/ACE Filing
  • Pre-file with AESDirect/ACE and get an ITN number within seconds
  • Avoid manual entry and errors
  • System auto-determines carrier SCAC and port of export
  • System auto-files if actual carrier SCAC, port of export, and date of export differ from original
  • Save time, be compliant, and avoid costly penalties

Rates & Ship Method Selection

Always choose the most optimal ship method for each shipment

Rate Shopping
  • View all available carriers/service level options for that order/shipment
  • View published and discounted rates
  • Estimated delivery date
  • Empower your customer by giving them a choice during order creation
Business Rules Engine
  • Customer preference is not selected, your business rules will drive the automatic selection of cheapest ship method that meet the delivery due date.
  • Easily maintain rules, priorities based on any shipment factor like weight, geography, day of the week, etc.
Spot Quote
  • Ability to reach out to any number of carriers for a spot quote
  • Easy quoting process via an email link
  • Greater control by specifying pick up date/time(s), delivery date/time, maximum bid, auto-selection, auto-expiry, etc.
  • Email notifications
  • Integration back to the shipment execution and auditing

Shipping Modules/Features

Seamless, optimized, and automated shipment execution

Shipment Execution
  • Packing with weighing scale integration
  • Integration with all carriers to transmit shipment data
  • Capture published and discounted freight cost
  • Capture tracking number
  • Update tracking number and freight cost back to ERP
Visibility with POD
  • End-to-end shipment tracking
  • Email notifications SMS
  • Milestones with location and local date/time
  • POD Name, date/time, location
  • Signature Proof of-Delivery
  • On-time delivery report
  • Exceptions (Delayed/Damaged shipments) report
  • Alerts/notifications
Invoice Auditing
  • Electronically receive invoice data
  • Maintain tolerances
  • Reporting on accruals
  • Auto-approval & manual review process for approval and rejection
  • Catch common errors/discrepancies like:
    • Weight & volume discrepancies
    • Charge discrepancies
    • Late deliveries
    • Missing PODs
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